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Article of the Républicain Lorrain, of the 02/22/2020 :

See the online report by clicking here ; and more photos by clicking here. Thanks to Josette BRIOT-BOUR for this beautiful news article!

Article of the Republican newspaper Lorrain of 05/06/2019:

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Article of the Republican newspaper Lorrain of 04/18/2019:

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Interview sur le plateau de Mosaïk-Cristal :

See you at 25’40 “to see my intervention for a few minutes about kestrels.
Thanks to Mosaïk-Cristal for inviting me on their TV set on January 28, 2019!

Cover of the n°50 of ‘La Nouvelle Revue Lorraine’:

faucon crécerelle théding La Nouvelle Revue Lorraine 2018

Thanks to Jean-Marie CUNY for the appearance of Faucons de Théding on the cover of ‘La Nouvelle Revue Lorraine‘ (n ° 50 – 3rd quarter 2018) as well as for the pages dedicated to the Falcons of Théding.

To get the magazine, go to one of the points of sale indicated on the site, or order it directly online.

Video report of the Mosaïk television channel (Moselle-Est) of 06/15/2018:

Thank you to Marie LUFF for the realization of this beautiful video published in the ‘ZapMe’ section of the show ’30 minutes’!

Article of the Republican newspaper Lorrain of 05/29/2018:

faucons Théding naissance républicain Lorrain 2018
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Interview of Cyril BOUR on the BLE Lorraine website, of 05/21/2018:

interview Cyril BOUR BLE Lorraine faucon théding
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Read the interview on the website BLE Lorraine.

Article of ‘Lorraine Au Cœur’, of 05/17/2018:

Lorraine Au Coeur Faucons Théding 2018
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Read the document on the website LorraineAuCoeur.

Article of the Republican newspaper Lorrain of 05/14/2018:

Cyril BOUR républicain lorrain 2018
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Thanks to Carla THIELEN for this beautiful article!

Article of the Republican newspaper Lorrain of 05/06/2018:

Faucons Théding Républicain Lorrain 2018
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Web Laura’s heading in TéléMatin on France 2 on 05/02/2018:

Portrait 2017:

Here I am, with a young falcon which was resettled in its nest after a first uncertain flight.
I now live in Strasbourg (120 km from Théding) where I work in a biological research laboratory.
This winter, my father built me a new nest in order to attract the Falcons after 8 years of absence. It’s a success!
I drive the webcam system remotely, however there are still manipulations that are not possible to perform from the outside, especially if there is a need to reboot. Fortunately, my parents are there to help me solve these problems; Without them, it would remain impossible, I thank them.
We are watching the well-being of the Falcons.

Video report of the television channel TV8 (Moselle-east) of 14/06/2017:

Thanks to Ophélie Bleichner for making this beautiful video released on the show ‘ the 8 minutes ‘!

Article of the Republican newspaper Lorrain of 21/05/2017:

First page of the edition of Forbach; Also published in the editions of Sarreguemines and Saint-Avold.
Thanks to Carla THIELEN for this beautiful article!

Portrait 2008

Here I am, with a hawk on my shoulder, rest assured, I put the little one back in the nest after this photo shoot.
I will make a small presentation: My name is Cyril, I am 16 years old, since June 22nd; I’m a high school student.
I watch these falcons that have been nesting for 12 years now in a skylight that is part of the old Hayloft of my house.
I created this site in 2007 thanks to Guillaume who helped me to start it and that often helped me with webcam’s problems. Thanks also to Gérard who provided me with the computer… I thank them again!!

Article of the Municipal Bulletin of the village of Théding, 2007:

Portrait 2001:

Since I was 4 years old, I have been in contact with the Kestrels falcons that nest in the attic of my parent’s house in Théding.