Access to the nest via webcam!

Watch the ‘ Falcons of Théding ‘ family live by webcam: Currently, barn owls visit the nest during the night!

Webcam (désactivée) :

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How to use:

    • Click the buttonwebcam bouton play in the center of the video.
    • Check that the button webcam bouton en directis red; if not, click on it (a few seconds may be necessary to return to live).
    • Adjust image quality settings by clicking the button
      to choose the highest possible figure (if your internet connection allows it, otherwise leave it in ‘Auto’).
    • Control the live by coming back up to 4 hours back! The button webcam bouton replay becomes gray.
    • Tip: turn off the sound of one of the two webcams so you do not have an echo.
    • Mobile version: click webcam bouton mobile under the video. The YouTube app will open.
    • Discover the son of the story 2018 in pictures by clicking on . A new page will open.
    • Join the chat below and share your observations! (Tip: You can personalize your name by clicking on “Personnalisez votre nom” under the edit Message Bar).

Voici le t'chat pour parler des oiseaux :
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