Webcam kestrel of Planois

Access to the nest of kestrel of Planois via webcam:

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The “Falcons of Théding” present: the “kestrels of Planois”, in collaboration with Christophe (pseudo “Christophe88”).

The nest box is located in the hamlet of Planois, in the village of Basse sur le Rupt in Lorraine (department of Vosges [88]). It is a very large mountain town of 894 inhabitants with an altitude of 409 to 1060 meters (650 meters for the nest box). This installation for kestrels weighing 15 kg is placed in a plane tree, at a height of 10 meters. On the same tree there are also 2 blue tit nest boxes.

This is the third year the nest box has been in place and is still very busy when the falcons return but unfortunately it has not been chosen for nesting so far. In 2023, the nest box has evolved to try to seduce falcons. Before, it was of the “open” type; now it is in a “closed” configuration with only a 10 cm passage accessible via a “balcony”. With the materials used, it is integrated into nature.

Thanks to the expertise of Christophe (pseudo “Christophe88”) in the manufacture and installation of nesting boxes, powered by “the falcons of Théding”, we invite you to share the viewing of this family of Vosges kestrels thanks to 2 cameras ( indoor + outdoor) connected 24/7. The reference of the cameras is: Hikvision DS-2DE2A404IW-DE3.

Le platane avec le nichoir à 10 mètres

Discovery of the valley by air:

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