The Great tit Nest #2 Live

Access to the nest #2 of great tit via webcam:

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The “Falcons of Théding” present: the “Great tit (nest #2) of Théding“!

This connected nest box dedicated to the great tit has been installed since spring 2020. It is fixed on the balcony of the 2nd floor of a small building, in Ostwald (city which is part of the Eurometrole of Strasbourg).

An on-board I.P. camera, fixed to the ceiling, makes it possible to view the nest from above. This camera is connected to the Internet thanks to PLC sockets. This technology makes it possible to pass Internet connection by the electric network.
More technical information by reading the ‘behind the scenes‘ page.

No artificial lighting is added. These are two rectangular plexiglass windows, on the right and on the left (visible in the image), which allows to bring a light source during the day. At night, infrared lighting takes over.

Live video is available 24/7 during the breeding season, approximately from February to June. From the construction of the nest to the flight of the nestlings, this is where you can follow the adventure. Go through the photo / video gallery to learn the history of this year and previous years.

    • Click the button webcam bouton play in the center of the video.
    • Check the icon webcam bouton en direct is red ; if not, click on it (a few seconds may be necessary to return to live watching).
    • Adjust the image quality settings by clicking the button  to choose the highest possible digit (if your internet connection allows it! otherwise keep it in 'Auto').
    • Control the live action thanks to the cursor , possibility to rewing 12 hours back! The button webcam bouton replay becomes grey.
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  • Different species are visible live by webcam during the birds breeding season, click on the webcam that interests you: