The Bluetits Nest Live

Access to the nest of blue tit via webcam! (offline)

Voici le t'chat pour parler des oiseaux :
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Since 2019, the ‘Falcons of Théding’ convey our members /supporters to follow-up on the ‘Théding’s Blue tit’! A nest box connected 24/24 and 7/7 to watch the intimate life of a family of blue tit.

From the construction of the nest to the flight of the chicks, it is here that you will be able to follow this great adventure. Go through the gallery to learn about this year’s story.

    • Click the button webcam bouton play in the center of the video.
    • Check the icon webcam bouton en direct is red ; if not, click on it (a few seconds may be necessary to return to live watching).
    • Adjust the image quality settings by clicking the button  to choose the highest possible digit (if your internet connection allows it! otherwise keep it in 'Auto').
    • Control the live action thanks to the cursor , possibility to rewing 4 hours back! The button webcam bouton replay becomes grey.
    • Mobile version: click on the 'YouTube' button: the YouTube application will open.
    • Discover the story of the year in pictures and videos by clicking on the 'Gallery' button. A new page will open
    • Join the chat (next to the live video) and share your observations! (Tip: you can customize your name by clicking "personnaliser votre nom" below the edit message bar).