The Barn owl Nest Live

Access to the nest of barn owl via webcams:

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The “Falcons of Théding” present: the “Barn Owl of Théding“!

This barn owl-connected nesting box has been installed since spring 2019, following regular visits by the latter to the hawks’ nest. It is also installed in the attic of the house in Théding; but the entrance to the nest is made so as not to cross paths with the owl / falcon rivals. The nest box has a corridor followed by a room in semi-darkness; meets the expectations of barn owls.

Two infrared and motorized I.P. cameras allow viewing of the nest and the outdoor platform.
More technical information by reading the ‘behind the scenes‘.

Live video is available 24/7 during the breeding season, approximately from February to July.  You can follow their adventure from their installation up to the flight of the chicks. Go through the photo / video gallery to learn the history of this year and previous years .

The barn owl is a nocturnal bird, so its activity is concentrated during the night!

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