Welcome to the village of Théding:

Théding (pronunciation: ‘tediŋ’) is a small country village located in the Moselle-Lorraine region of the Grand East (57450 – France). This municipality covers 813 hectares of which 240 hectares of wood and 80 hectares are urbanized. It is located about 300 meters above sea level and is protected from the wind thanks to two hills (Thedingerberg and Kelsberg of Oeting) that surround it. The village also contains a pond (Winbrunnen).
Thanks to the microphone of the webcam, we can hear the bells of the Baroque church of Sainte-Marguerite dating from the eighteenth century.

Théding on the map:

(located about 30 km from Saarbruck (Germany), 60 km from Metz or 120 km from Strasbourg)

SOURCE Illustration: Site of the municipality

For more information, visit the site of the commune of Théding.