Just ‘ Thank you ‘!

All started at a young age, my parents taught me to respect nature, to observe it but also to love it. It is thus, that surrounded by the fauna and flora of the countryside of a small village in the great east of France, I grew up while trying to protect all this beautiful but fragile ecosystem. Thanks to my parents Sylvie Bowers and Clément Bob for giving me this passion for nature, my sister, but also my second parents Nathalie grate and Daniel GRZELCZYK.

A special thanks to my mother Sylvie, an incredible technical assistant: Thanks to her, a local technical problem of the computer system, that it is not possible for me to solve remotely, is no longer a hassle! What’s more, thank you also for the surveillance and protection of these hawks!

Thanks to Gérard MEYER and Guillaume LESNIACK, for their great computer help that has enabled to realize this project of website and webcam in real time.

Thanks to Guillaume Blaney for the design and realization of the Falcons Nest version 2018, thus allowing better angles of view for the vision of the Falcon family.

Thanks to Sophie BIEDERMANN for her work on the website logo.

Thank you to my relatives, my friends, my family and my colleagues, who encourage me in the continuity of this website, and the protection of nature.

Thanks to the neighbors of the ‘ Falcons of Théding ‘ for their kindness.

Thanks to the greatest fans, those who have been following the adventures for a long time; Those who are there at the best moments, but also at the worst moments of the Falcon family; Those who share these images and therefore participate in educating the public about the protection of birds; Those who send me screenshots by telling me what has eluded me. Lucie M., Gastounette, Maya, Nicolas F., Pema50, & the others.

And finally, thank you, the Web surfers, for your donations, your photos, for your messages that encourage me a lot to update this site and enrich it in multimedia.

Without you, all this would make no sense!