Behind the Scenes

Here are the hardware installation techniques:

Welcome to the backstage of the ‘ Falcons of Théding ‘, on this page you will discover how is installed in the nest, the material to film the Falcons, and what programs are used to allow the broadcast of the video on the Internet.

System from 2017:

The nest (on the photo in open position) was designed with 2 openings, identified in red (up and back) to place the webcam.

Since 2017, an I.P. webcam (or Network Camera) is used to film falcons in real time. Without intermediary, it is directly connected, via a 20-metre ethernet cable, to the Internet modem. A 10-metre power cable allows the power supply.

Webcam features (Edimax IC 3110W): 1.3 Mpx, 640 * 240 resolution, night vision (built-in LEDs), H. 264 video format, frame rate: up to 30 frames per second, built-in microphone, motion detector, Price: €100.

The Internet modem, which is also switched on 24 hours a day, is set up to redirect (TCP) the broadcast server (external to the network) to the camera locally (inside the network).

The broadcast server used is IPcamLive, this one connects to the Internet modem in order to recover the video of the webcam and diffuses This image more widely: it means that it allows to broadcast the webcam live to an unlimited number of people in Simultaneous (unlike 2 people maximum simultaneously without this server) and is accessible from all media (computers, mobiles, tablets).

This paid service (30 €/mois/webcam) also allows to archive 1 image every 2 minutes of the nest. So a precise follow-up of the Falcon family is possible.

The site was created and is administered with the Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 (Adobe) program.

The domain and the domain name are hosted by OVH (30 €/year).

System from 2007 to 2009:

Two USB webcams are fixed in the nest.

They are camouflaged by a black bag or a piece of cardboard, the LEDs are off.

One of the webcam is infra-red with micro-integrated, the technical specifications of this webcam are:
1.3 Mega pixel Ultra sensitive cell sensor for use in dark environments-video capture up to 640 * 480 full screen-capture photo 1.3 mega pixels and up to 5 mega pixels interpolled-USB 2.0 (compatible with USB 1.1).
Price of this webcam: 50 euros

The second webcam is not infra-red; It has less good image quality.

Easy access to take pictures of falcons; Photos and videos are taken with a CASIO 3.2 mega pixel camera.
The videos are hosted on YouTube.

Both webcams are connected to the computer by USB extensions because the computer is away from the nest.

The program ‘ VisionGS Business Edition-v 1.50 Final ‘ is used to send the video of the Falcons live on the Internet.

A paid server (OVH) allows more than 350 internet users to watch webcams at the same time.