Here are the news of the ‘ Falcons of Théding ‘


03/21/2018: webcam 01 unavailable until further notice.

We found that the material installed in the nest 01 scares our kestrel couple. Probably due to the reflection of the tinted window that protects the webcam. We are thinking about a solution. In the meantime, the nest 01 will not be visible because we have removed the material.


20/03/2018: Activation of webcams! Enter the nest of ‘Thought Falcons’.

Our kestrel pair has been back in Theding since the beginning of March. Falcons do not seem yet decided for their favorite nest (nest used in 2007 or nest placed for 2018). Because of this, you can see them visiting the two nests thanks to the two webcams! Falcons are not very active: they visit the nests 3 to 5 times a day.


03/03/2018: The new design of Théding Falcons has been put online after several weeks of work.

Changes made:

-Installation of WordPress,
-Choice of a theme,
-Customizing the design,
-Test of the coding and resolution of the different problems,
-Optimization of the database and the speed of page loading (< 20ms),
-Check the display compatibility on the differents medias (computer, tablet and smartphone),
-Application of the HTTPS security protocol,
-choice of applications to manage: newsletter, contact form and guestbook,
-Signature, compression and renaming of photos for better fluidity in a new gallery and a better image referencing,
-Creation of a logo (thanks to all the people who offered me projects, especially thanks to Sophie Biedermann for the beautiful logo)!
-Migration of all pages to the new design,
-Creation of an English and German version, translation by robots (correction and optimization in progress),
-Purchase of a new domain name (address shortcuts): (redirecting to the site
– Ability to donate money