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Multimedia galleries of the adventures of the greattit in Théding

Year 2021

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Photos and videos will be added continuously.

Year 2020

2020, first year of monitoring for this beautiful passerine,  the great tit. Two families in two different nesting boxes.

Nest Box # 1:  used as a roost during winter, and later to build a cozy nest to hold 7 eggs. The 1st brood was a total failure. The chicks, although of advanced growth , died one after the other. The nest box was then cleaned. A second brood was born, consisting of 4 chicks ; they flew the nest in good health!

Nest box # 2: A late occupation (month of May), probably the couple’s second nesting with 5 eggs laid and the chicks growth was very good. They flew the nest with nice plumage and good weight.