Gallery barn owl

Multimedia galleries of the adventures of the barn owl in Théding

Year 2021

In progress…

Photos and videos will be added continuously.

Year 2020

New for 2020, a barn owl nesting box.

Beginning of the year, pigeons occupied the premises and completed a first brood of 2 youngsters. Even before the 2 young had taken off, the parents started a second nesting in the same nest box, but no births were observed. The third brood could not be completed as a pair of barn owls began to frequent the nesting box in May.

In June, 8 eggs were laid by barn owls with 8 births in July. The 2 youngest did not survive. After 2 months of growth in the nest box, the flights followed until the nest box was empty at the beginning of October.

A beautiful first nest of barn owl in front of our cameras in Théding!