The Kestrel Falcon is the bird of the year 2008

The Swiss Association for the protection of birds Opha/BirdLife has decreed the Falcon Kestrel Bird of the year 2008. This falcon is on the list of potentially threatened birds, its food and nesting sites becoming scarce.

The hover, or “Flight of the St. Esprit”, is characteristic of the Crérecerelle Falcon, indicated the Opha. Flying on the spot, it stands above the field and searches the ground for rodents.

But this particular technique poses him more and more problems: in some places, he seeks in vain. In many agricultural areas, fallows, grassy strips, low hedges that shelter its prey as small mammals, amphibians, reptiles or large insects are lacking.

Another problem is the lack of nesting sites. The Kestrel Falcon likes to stand close to human habitation and it preferably uses building cornices, church steeples or nest boxes in barns.