Welcome to the ‘ Falcons of Théding ‘ website

Every spring, since 1996, Kestrels Hawks come into the attic of an old farmhouse in Théding to give life to nestlings, which you can follow in real time.

What will you find on this site?

You can watch the nest live, thanks to the active webcam during the months of March to July; Then the photo and video galleries of the past years as well as the history that brings together the dates of spawning, outbreaks and flights.

Find out more about the Kestrel Falcon thanks to the fact sheet that gathers all my knowledge about this bird. Then build a nest with the plan, in order to welcome this raptor.

Entertain yourself by reading various documents about this bird, such as falconry, falcons in Paris, Bird of the year, various facts or Native American legends.

If you are here because you have found a raptor on the ground, quickly read the page to save a hawk to know the steps to follow.

For information, the site was created in 2007, it contained only one page that updated an image of the Falcons ‘ nest every 15 seconds. Since then the site has been enriched. The webcam system has also evolved little by little: continuous streaming and with sound replaced still images. Now, a camera equipped with infra-red lighting allows to follow the Falcons by day and night; For more information, visit the backstage of the ‘ Théding Falcons ‘. And to go further, discover the village of Théding and get to know the webmaster of the site.

Updates to the site are frequent when the Falcon family is in the nest: I try to add photos or videos regularly, and to do regular monitoring. In order to be notified of the news, do not forget to like the Facebook page or to subscribe to the Newsletter (at the bottom of the page) and to add this site to your favorites to enjoy regularly the evolution of the birds.

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