The Falcons of Théding: The Falcon Kestrel Welcome to the site of enthusiasts

Every spring, since 1996, a couple of Kestrel Falcons comes to the attic of an old farmhouse in Théding to give life to nestlings. You can follow the Falcon Kestrel in this natural adventure in real time or relive the emotions of past years thanks to the archives.

What are you going to find on this site, dedicated to Falcons?

You can watch the live nest of the raptor couple, thanks to the active webcam during the months of March to July. But also, the photo and video galleries of the past years as well as the history that brings together the dates of spawning, outbreaks and flights.

Learn all about the Kestrel Falcon

Would you like to know more about the Kestrel ?

I created for you a descriptive sheet, which brings together all of my knowledge about the Falcon Kestrel.

I want to build a Falcon's Nest

Want to host Kestrel Falcons at home? Check out my guide to building a falcon nest. The plan put at your disposal helps to encourage nesting.

Faucon crecerelle

The life of the Falcon Kestrel in Paris

Parisian citizens and acrobats of the air, the Kestrels Falcons have chosen to be domiciled in our beautiful capital.

Find it in the towers of Notre-Dame de Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the Sacred Heart and many other monuments.

Faucon crecerelle

La Kestrel, "Bird of the Year" 2008

The species of the Kestrel Falcon is currently classified on the list of potentially threatened birds.

Therefore, in order to preserve the species, he was elected "Bird of the Year" in 2008.

Faucon crecerelle

I encourage the protection of Falcons

If you want to encourage and support the protection of raptors, or more generally wildlife, you can donate via the site. Thank you to all the people who made this project possible!

I found a raptor on the ground, what to do?

If you are here because you have found a raptor on the ground, read the ' Save a Hawk ' page quickly to find out how to proceed. Knowing the first steps can help you save your life. You will also find the center the closest care to you.

Learn about Falconry

Entertain by reading different documents about this bird. Discover our articles on falconry, various facts or Amerindian legends.

Enjoy the Kestrels Falcons of Théding

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